Juicy, succulent, tender, flavorful.

Our Lounge Story

Chef Jeff is continuously focused on bringing our guests delicious food using high-quality ingredients. The result is a menu of American favorites built with bold flavors you are sure to crave. While we pride ourselves on creativity, we never lose sight of serving warm, tasty comfort food and classic beers and cocktails.

Situated at 1000 Wild Horse Canyon Drive in Sparks, Nevada, the concept was simply to create a cozy environment that was well suited to have great conversations, served quality freshly cooked meals and offered great draft beer and spirit selections.

Our Featured Dishes

Western Burger

Fettuccini Alfredo

Denver Omelet

Chicken Wings & Fries

Loved by Many

What a great place!!! I stopped in to have lunch with a co-worker and was pleasantly surprised with the food selection. On top of a full belly I got to eat surrounded by gorgeous women. One even took me on tour of the beautiful Mustang Ranch. I will definitely be back.
Mitch C.
Amazing place to get burgers and watch pretty ladies dance! Burgers, Boobs and Beer! Ladies and Gentleman are allowed!
Johnny B.
As the "duke" of the establishment after checking in on my way in and out (rimshot please) of Reno, I feel I can speak on the Wild Horse with some authority. The Wild Horse is no longer the Wild Horse. Its now part of the "Mustang Ranch" megaplex of adult fun and games. That being said, this place is always a kick in the pants. I made a point of taking people out here every time a new person came in from out of town. My best friends, my girlfriend, my clients, whomever, because everyone needs to see a place like this once in life.
Ian B.